Using this powerful feature, if applicant(s) is completed the hiring process, you can turn on this feature at the last stage of your hiring process and will automatically mark the applicant(s) as Hired

Also this is not only applicable on the last stage but you can also turn on this feature in any of your hiring stages. So when the applicant(s) moved to a particluar stage, then the system will automatically mark the applicant(s) as Hired.

To mark the applicants as Hired:

Step 1: First choose the location and then the position you wish to publish

Step 2: Click the "Settings" button

Step 3: Choose any of the stages you wish the applicant to mark as Hired. Then click the Automation button and toggle on/off the "Mark applicant as hired" as shown below

  • Remember, you can only toggle the Hired button once using this feature.

What if I don't like to use this feature but instead can I still tag any of my applicants as Hired?

Yes. You can still tag your applicants individually. We build this kind of tool just in case there is a possibility that a job applicant has a potential even at an early stage of your hiring process. To do this, below are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the "Applicants" section

Step 2: Type the name of the applicant you wish to tag as Hired using the search button

Step 3: Click the corresponding checkbox

Step 4: Click the action button and select the "Mark as Hired"

If you have questions and need some assistance, send us a message by clicking the intercom icon found at the bottom right of your dashboard or send us a message at

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